Welcome to Wellspring Fellowship Church (WSFC) led by Senior Pastors Anthony and Tonia Green, dedicated servants of the Lord for over two decades. We are honored to serve the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina community and reach out to distant shores, collaborating with ministries both nationally and internationally. Our mission is to deliver a fresh message of hope, healing, and renewal, rooted in God’s love and His timeless Word. Join us as we journey together in faith and service to bring the transformative power of God’s love and his message of hope to our world.

Gathering Times

Wednesday Bible Study: 7:00 pm
Sunday Morning Worship: 10:00 am

Sunday Worship Service

At our Sunday Worship Service, you can expect a profound encounter with the transformative power of God's love and His Word. We gather as a faith community to praise and worship the Lord, drawing strength from the teachings of the Bible.

Under the teachings of Senior Pastor Anthony Green, you'll experience a heartfelt, spirit-filled atmosphere where your soul can be refreshed and your faith deepened. Our aim is to inspire, uplift, and empower you to live a life rooted in God's love, grace, and truth, and to foster a stronger connection with Him and your fellow believers.
Being refreshed from the inside out

Bible Study

When you attend our WSFC's Bible Study, you can anticipate an enriching experience rooted in the power of GOD's Word, offering a deep dive into the Scriptures, providing spiritual nourishment and guidance for your faith journey. Together, we explore the profound message of love, grace, and redemption found within the Bible, fostering personal growth and a closer relationship with God and fellow believers. Here are a few things you can anticipate:

Biblical Guidance: We provide practical insights and wisdom from the Bible on how to build and maintain Christ-centered lives. You'll gain deeper understanding of God's design for living purpose-filled lives and how his word can be a source of strength, direction, hope, and love.

Community and Support: You'll find a community of like-minded individuals and couples who are committed to nurturing and enhancing their walk with Christ, that seeks to understand and apply God's Word to our daily lives. Our study sessions are a place for support, encouragement, and building connections.


Our Ministries

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